Tuesday, 3 April 2007

2007 Corn Cairdis Trophy

England played Ireland in Galway, Ireland in the latest of the Corn Cairdis (Cup of Friendship) Series on the weekend of 30 March / 1 April 2007.

This friendly International is played between The English Bridge Union and the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland. Each country competes with three teams: a County Team, a Club team and an Officials team. Click here for the team lists.

On this, the 15th occasion of the annual event England beat Ireland by twelve Victory points ending a run of three successive wins by Ireland.

The three teams:
(left to right) Back Row: Barry Capal, Simon Cocheme, Peter Stocken, John Neville, Jeff Smith, Tim Gauld, Roy Garthwaite, Ted Latham; Front Row: Sally Bugden, Jackie Pye, Janet Latham, Heather Hobson

Click here for the full results (PDF format)