Saturday, 3 November 2007

Naturalists V Scientists

A unique and interesting game of bridge took place in London on 1 until 2 November, pitting together the bridge playing talents of some of the greatest and world renowned players. Stakes were high and tensions were at an optimum level.

Final scores were:
Thursday was won by the Scientists by 78 imps.
Friday was won by the Scientists by 58 rubber points.

The two days of bridge were played by the “Naturalists” and the “Scientists” - both at very different spectrums of the game and who last met 15 years ago. The “Naturalists” are a team from the traditional Portland bridge club in London, who believe in playing an old fashioned version of bridge from the pre-conventions age; whilst the “Scientists” favour the playing of modern bridge. It made the two days very interesting and a challenge of two extremes for high stakes.

Playing in the “Scientists” team were some of the best known international bridge players, captained by Zia Mahmood (world champion). The other players were Andrew Robson (author and world champion), Boye Brogeland (2007 world champion from the Norway team) and English internationals - Gunnar Hallberg and David Gold. The “Naturalists” were captained by ship owner, Dimitri Marchessini, with his team of Giles Hargreave, Patrick Lawrence and David Wolfson.

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