Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Warren Buffett Cup, 2010

by Paul Hackett

The greatest bridge stars in the world will be at Miskin Manor near Cardiff from the 13-16 September when Europe plays the USA for the third time for the Warren Buffett Cup.

The European team are all world champions. Fulvio Fantoni with Claudio Nunes and Giorgio Duboin with Antonio Sementa are the two pairs from Italy. Fulvio is currently ranked number one in the world and, between them, they have countless world and European titles.

Norway also has two pairs. Geir Helgemo with Tor Helness and Boye Brogeland with Erik Saelensminde. Tor has the distinction of also having won a world title at poker. Boye and Erik are playing in the teams today, though not in the same team. Germany’s representatives are Sabine Auken and Daniela von Arnim. Fitness fanatics, they have been finalists in a major world or European event every year since 1991. Jason and Justin Hackett are England’s representatives. Interestingly, Justin’s world ranking (35th) is exactly the same as that of Barbara, his wife, in the World Ladies. Their father, Paul, captains the team.

Team USA also has a fantastic line-up. Bob Hamman, ranked Number 1 in the all time world rankings, is partnering Zia Mahmood. Believed by many to be the world’s best pair, Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meckstroff (known as Meckwell) are making their first appearance in the Buffett Cup. Winners of the Cavendish five times, Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein are back. Fred Gitelman, founder of BBO, is partnering Geoff Hampson who has played in every Buffett Cup. Jill Meyers, number 1 in the all-time Women’s world ranking, is playing with Jill Levin, who is married to Bobby. Completing the team is one of the world’s fastest players, Alan Sontag, and David Berkowitz. David came out with the classic remark “I’m not even the best bridge player in my own house”. He is married to Lisa, a world champion in her own right. For the third time running Donna Compton captains the USA team.

Do come and watch. Play is daily between 10.00 and 19.30 and, for those of you who cannot get there, please visit where every board from every table will be shown live. The event starts with pairs, followed by teams and ending with an individual.
Visit for more information on the Cup.