Monday, 16 February 2009

Club Insurance

After detailed negotiations with our insurance brokers and consultation with the Financial Services Authority, the English Bridge Union is delighted to announce the provision of a new and valuable service for all of our affiliated clubs, whether or not you currently use the insurance services provided by Osbornes.

The Union will provide a group policy for all clubs, regardless of size with an unbeatable package of cover at a very economic price.

For clubs that are interested the facility will be provided with a start date of April 1st, 2009. If you state your intention to proceed with this, all we will need is your club name and the location of where you meet, and the type of policy required. If you require any additional policy details, as described on link below, you will also have to contact Osbornes directly for just those parts.

The EBU will provide suitable documentation to the brokers. That will be the entire administrative requirement for our clubs, other than to pay us in a timely manner to ensure that your coverage is continuous.

We will be able to provide the words of the policy booklet by email in due course, but we do not want to go into the cost of mailing the entire pack, because of cost.
Full details

If you would like to proceed email Karen Durrell. For insurance questions please contact Osbornes directly on 01844 213161.