Thursday 26 February 2009

Douglas Romain

We are sad to report the sudden death of Douglas Romain from Jersey. Douglas, was a former winner of the Gold Cup and of the National Masters Pairs (where he partnered Irving Rose). He also won the Teams event at the Jersey Congress several times.


  1. It was a great pleasure knowing Douglas and playing against such a gentleman at the table. Douglas was our first Grand Master and will be sadly missed by all players in Jersey and Guernsey.

  2. I played in a team with Douglas several times many years ago. He was an excellent team mate and a pleasure to score up with

  3. I first met Douglas at the Acol Bridge Club in London when I was fresh out of university. He was a character larger than life and he bubbly personality never seemed to be affected - even when his partner went for 2000!

  4. Douglas shared with me his bridge talent, as an oponent and as a partner, at the bridge club and in private.
    I am sad that I never will meet him again, but am grateful to have known him as a human being.