Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Corn Cairdis – Cup of Friendship 2010

Congratulations to England who have won this years Corn Cairdis (Cup of Friendship) between Ireland and England by 11 VPs. The final score was England 179 and Ireland 168.

The friendly international is played between The English Bridge Union and the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland every year, and each country competes with three teams: a County Team, a Club team and an Officials team.

English Officials:
Peter Stocken
Sandra Claridge
David Harris
John Williams

England Club Team:
Philip Mason
Pauline Cooper
Sheila Galloway
Sue Pell

England County Team:
Jeff Smith
Jackie Pye
Roy Garthwaite
Heather Hobson

This year was a close result for England, and one possible reason was that the England Club team were missing from the match for the whole of Saturday! Their plane was grounded due to technical difficulties at Leeds Bradford Airport, which meant they were delayed for seven hours!

This was the 19th year of the Cup: England is in the lead with 13 wins against Ireland’s 6 wins over the last nineteen years.

Well done to all three teams.