Monday, 26 January 2009

Club Focus - Volume II, Issue I

Happy Birthday to Club Focus! It’s our first birthday this issue, and so it’s quite apt that we have another bumper edition for you to enjoy.

This issue includes: our Limerick Competition, Down Our Club, Bridge Tales, Bidding Tools, Calling the Director, Bridge Tails, Dummy Can’t Revoke?, EBU events, and much more...

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hedy Brown

We are sad to report the death of Hedy Brown a few weeks before her 96th birthday. Hedy was a founder member of both Berks & Bucks CBA and Reading Bridge Club, which she attended regularly until the end.

A Grand Master, Hedy was very successful on the national women’s bridge scene, and also won the Portland Pairs, aged 84, with Nigel Guthrie. Her zest for bridge was unmatched and she will be much missed by all her many friends.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Master Point Price Increase - directly credited master points

It was announced after the last Board meeting that the cost of directly credited master points would rise by 2p to 40p from January 1st, 2009. Although this represents slightly more than a 5% increase, it is the first since 2006.

After further discussion, it has been determined that in order to give time for all clubs to make their submissions by the final qualifying date (for the Master Point competitions) of January 26th, 2009, we will not impose this increase until after that date. Therefore all submissions received by January 26th will be processed at the old rate of 38p per award. All submissions received after January 26th will be invoiced at the new rate of 40p.