Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Junior Channel Trophy 2006

The Junior Channel took place in Lille on 17th & 18th December. It is an annual event, held just before Christmas, between teams from England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, with the host country rotating.

The English teams & the final standings were :
Under 25's
Susan Stockdale & Dave Cropper Tom Slater & Andrew Murphy Simon Cope & Stuart Haring NPC: Mel Starkings
1 Netherlands - 122
2 France - 89
3 Belgium - 73.5
4 England - 72

Under 20's
James Thrower & Tom Rainforth Ben Paske & Tom Paske Ed Jones & Bingyuan Yang
NPC: Michael Byrne
Coach: Duncan Happer
1 France - 119
2 England - 98
3 Netherlands - 93
4 Belgium - 50

Click here for the details of the programme, full results and the other participating teams.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Dimmie Fleming Awards 2006

Pictured from left:
Gladys Gittins, Michael Hill, Denis Robson (EBU Chairman), Robbie Roberson & May Langmaid

The intent of the Dimmie Fleming award is to publicly recognise those people who do not hold an official (i.e. EBU) office, but have, for a long time - say, 20 years or so - worked hard for bridge, usually at County and/or Club level. Board Directors, Vice Presidents, EBU employees and Panel Tournament Directors are excluded from nomination. However, after holding office, such people are eligible for an award, but it should not be given just for service in that capacity.

Nominations are made in writing and a panel of 'judges' then decides whether they are eligible for such an award. All nominations should state that the approval of the County Committee has been obtained.There are no restrictions on the number of nominees made by a County in any one year.

This year the following people received Dimmie Fleming Awards:
Gladys Gittins (Cambs & Hunts)

Hector Barker (Lancashire)

Michael Hill (London)

Robbie Roberson (Norfolk)

May Langmaid (Sussex)

Everyone, with the exception of Hector Barker, received their award at the AGM. Hector is to be presented with his award at a later date.

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Tom Bradley Award - 2006

Congratulations to Cedric Cockcroft who has received the first Tom Bradley Award! Cedric has been a great supporter of youth bridge and is a well respected bridge teacher - there is even a waiting list for his teaching!

The Tom Bradley Award was created after the recent death of our former Treasurer of the EBU, who was a champion of attracting new persons into the game of Bridge and was particularly supportive of endeavours which were aimed at the younger player. Tom left a legacy in his will.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

English Womens Team win Bronze Medal

Pictured from left to right: Catherine Jagger, Martin Jones (NPC) Michelle Brunner, Chris Duckworth (Coach), Sarah Teshome, Rhona Goldenfield, Heather Dhondy & Nicola Smith

The England Women’s Bridge Team has won the bronze medal in the prestigious European Women’s Teams Championships in Warsaw, Poland. Michelle Brunner, Rhona Goldenfield, Heather Dhondy, Nicola Smith, Catherine Jagger and Sarah Teshome with Martin Jones as NPC and Christine Duckworth as coach came third in the 48th Prokom Software SA European Bridge Teams Championships, which has been taking place over the last eight days. First place went to France with the Netherlands second. 22 countries took part. The competition was organised by the European Bridge League and hosted by the Polish Bridge Union.

This placing ensures the team has qualified for the World Championships which will take place in Shanghai from 29 Sep – 13 Oct 2007 where they will compete for the Venice Cup, the highest ranking bridge prize for Women’s Bridge Teams in the world.

The England seniors came second in group B and in the open we came 10th.