Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Maurice Weissberger

We are sad to announce that Maurice Weissberger of Sussex passed away on 3rd March, aged 89. Maurice had success in a number of European and International events, coming 2nd in the 1966 World Mixed Pairs with Joan Durran.

You can read a full obituary on the Avenue Bridge Club website.

Monday, 9 March 2009

EBU win the Camrose!

The EBU team managed to hold onto their lead from the first weekend and emerged the victors, 9 VPs ahead of England, and have won the Bridge Great Britain Camrose Trophy for the home nations. The weekend was extremely close throughout with all teams in contention but the two English teams pulled ahead towards the end and it was the EBU who did the most in the final match, beating Scotland 25-1 and winning the trophy. This win puts an end to four successive Irish wins.

The teams (from both weekends) were:

English Bridge Union:

Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson
Andy Bowles & John Howard
Jon Cooke & Martin Garvey
Peter Czerniewski & Ian Panto
Jeremy Dhondy & Alan Kay
Michael Byrne & Mike Bell

NPC: Chris Dixon


David Gold & Tom Townsend
Espen Erichsen & Norman Selway
Michelle Brunner & John Holland
David Bakhshi & Tony Forrester
Peter Crouch & Glyn Liggins

NPC: David Price