Wednesday 4 June 2008

EGM 2008 results

At the EGM of the English Bridge Union on Wednesday June 4th the Members voted on the Board's pay to play proposals, which will be implemented from April 1st, 2010; during the intervening period there will be no changes to existing methods of subscription. The resolution stated:-

‘that the Shareholders accept the principle of Universal Membership and approve the Board proposals for replacing the current Annual Subscription and Master Point income by a pay to play fee as outlined in the "Strategy for the future of the EBU and Duplicate Bridge in England” dated April 2008. If so approved the Board will commission the changes necessary to the Bye-Laws of The English Bridge Union and request a future General Meeting to accept those changes’

The voting results were 52 in favour 31 against with two abstentions and one voter not present due to last minute personal problems. The votes of each county were taken in a public poll and recorded here.