Monday, 10 August 2009

The John Armstrong Memorial Award Nominations

Following Danny Davies' article, we have been very pleased to receive several nominations for this award, for people who play the game in the spirit of John Armstrong. They are as follows:

  • Bob Blackmore (Devon)
  • Michelle Brunner (Manchester)
  • Simon Cochemé (London)
  • Peter Crouch (Kent)
  • Jonathan Davis (London)
  • Bernard Goldenfield (Manchester)
  • Mathew Hoskins (Sussex)
  • Don Smedley (Derby)
  • John Reavy (Derby)

Bob Blackmore. Helen Foster writes; Much of Exeter Bridge Club’s success is attributed to Bob. A Grand Master, he partners players of any standard on a club evening and will encourage partner throughout, never failing to point out his own mistakes. His services to Devon are much appreciated (the club bridge room was named after him) but John might well have wanted to be associated with him.

Michelle Brunner. While suffering a life threatening illness has continued to not only play bridge at the highest level but also has made a determined effort to represent England in the Open team. Her cheerfulness at the table is an inspiration to us all.

Simon Cochemé. For organising and promoting the Lederer Invitational tournament for several years and also without financial reward attempting to maximise the publicity for the recent TV Bridge programme.

Peter Crouch. For accepting John Armstrong’s word at the bridge table when if he had appealed there was a strong possibility that he would have won the appeal and thus represented England instead of John.

Jonathan Davis. For helping to put the Buffett Cup into action. Specifically setting up and maintaining a highly professional website at his own expense.

Bernard Goldenfield. Dave Debbage writes: A gentleman who was a regular teammate of John and has always conducted himself in the John Armstrong mold.

Matthew Hoskins. Raymond Roberts writes: Outside bridge I have had the pleasure of several chats about the world in general and the Antique market. I and many around have always shared my view that Matthew is always a gentleman, always prepared to help tyros and whilst being a great tournament player has never to my knowledge treated anyone other than with respect and in a fair and friendly way.

Don Smedley. Nominated by East Midlands Bridge Club as an inspiration to John in his younger days and a continuous asset to the club.

John Reavy. Nick Simms writes: He is always civil at the table and, equally importantly, was well liked by John himself. The two often played together at East Midlands Bridge Club. John has stayed in touch with John Armstrong’s mother and brother, Paul, and has been campaigning for a fitting memorial to John Armstrong at the EMBC.

The EBU endorses this award in John’s name. It has been instigated, organised, and judged by Danny Davies, John Holland, Graham Kirby, Jack Mizel, Paul Hackett. The winner will be announced by the judges at Brighton and two trees will be planted at Heritage Wood, Derbyshire: one in memory of John and the other in the winner's name.